Latest changes and updates.

Hello people of NOLIMIT!
Lately there has been some changes and updates to the server.
First of all, we have new GameMaster - xSkye. He has no previous GM experience, however he had outstanding GM application as well as he has required skills to do the job. xSkye can speak to you on Filipino and English languages. He joined NoLimit.Lv Mu Online a little less then 2 months ago, so there is a chance that some of niances of server might not be 100% clear for him, however me, with rest of the team, are here to help and support him in this new experience. 
Looking forward for long colaboration! Welcome to the team! 

Next, Chaos Castle. 
I have added new Weekly Ranking - Chaos Castle. The prize for this ranking is same as Blood Castle and Devil Sqaure - some VIP Days, Cash and SOL. This ranking will be reseted on Friday 22:00 server time each week - to make sure that winners can enjoy their VIP Status over the weekend.

30 new Quests have been added to game. New maximal Quest level is 170. Among your journey to maximal quest level you will need A LOT of seeds (in 30 new Quest levels you will need total 248 seeds), and some other things - some crafting.... A LOT of hunting!
Prize Quest levels are as follows:
*10 GM Gift Box
*10 GM Gift Box
*10 GM Gift Box
*Full REF Gloves for your class
I hope you will enjoy this new quests! 
Special Challenge: First 5 players to complete Quest170 will get 20 Days VIP on account of choice (must be own account, prize can not be gifted)
Castle Siege.
We have introduced Castle Siege war prize - 250k SOL for Winner guild, if attacker WIN and 200k SOL for Winner guild, if defenders WIN.
Also, there has been updates to Castle Siege itself. As an attacker, you can now lose accumulated sealing seconds. You will lose 2 seconds if you seal is not successful (you accumulated 30 seconds and were pushed - 28 seconds will remain for next seal) and attackers will also lose 0,1 second of accumulated time for each second that attacker alianse Guild Master spends outside throne room. This has definetly added some "spice" in Castle Siege event!
Feel free to join our Official Discord Channel to get support and answers to your questions!
Have a great day ahead, NoLimitBM, nolimit.lv

2023-09-15 16:24

Latest news and changes!

Hello people of NOLIMIT!
Lately there has been some changes and updates to the server.
We have finally added new VIP Map - Swamp. This VIP map is separate from other VIP Maps - it's hosted on Server-1 and Server-2 separatly. This means that players both in Server-1 and in Server-2 can utilize the map in full. 
New VIP Map has 11 spots in total in Server-1 and Server-2, also has forced re-auto option. It means that VIP Maps capacity is increased more then 2 times - OLD Capacity was 45 players, NEW Capacity is 155 players!!!
Also, because of this update, we are able to give out more FREE VIP Statuses to our Free2Play players. We have changed WEEKLY RANKINGS of Blood Castle and Devil Sqaure rewards, VIP Status is now added for free weekly to TOP8 players of the ranking. 
Also our Terms of Service has been updated with section 1.2.1. Please review our Terms of Service (a.k.a. Rules) in Rules page here.
From time of last news entry we also have accepted new Game Master - Jayron. Jayron has been playing NoLimit MuOnline for quite some time now, he understand Filipino and English. He is already hosting events for you and has Full Access to GM Commands.
Sadly, I had to talk in our Official Discord about self-repeating issue - users tend to use same username and password in different game servers. Not all game servers use and process your data with care. Many, many "2-week-projects" use your data from their database to "try the luck" and access your account with same username and password in different servers. This is why I have to remind you - NEVER EVER USE SAME PASSWORD in other game servers (or e-mails). First person, who is responsible for your account security is YOU. We can not protect your account, if you give out your password to "friends". 
Summer growth of server is on the way, which means that we will be expecting new players in the game. We, the Administration in whole, really hope that you, as a good players, can respond to newbie questions and guide them while Administration is not online. Our community can only grow if we are friendly and nice to each other. Now is time for friends, you can be foes in winter time. 
Have a great day ahead!

2023-06-28 16:51

New Quest levels!

Hello people of NOLIMIT!
New Quests has been added on 18 March 2023! 
With new Quests our total Quest count is 140. New levels are more challenging then the previous ones, you will need to explore maps, remind yourself in which maps we have which mobs, you will need to look for items and you will need to craft. A lot of crafting, because in new Quest levels you will need A LOT of seeds. Keep in mind, seeds in the Quest levels are without spheres. Don't put them into spheres, otherwise they will not be accepted and it will be a lot of wasted time. 
New Quests include 2 levels with Item rewards.
On Quest135 you will get 10 GM Gift Box in your inventory - make sure you have space.
On Quest140 you will get Full HP Armor for your class - make sure you have space. 
Quest knowlegde base can be found in forum: Here
I hope you all will enjoy this update! 

2023-03-18 01:14

Latest information

Hello people of NOLIMIT!
Many changes has been happening lately in NoLimit MuOnline. Lets start on sad note - our beloved Administrator Clyde has decided to retire from NoLimit. He has been with us for many, many years. He was here when NoLimit had 20 online players, he became a GameMaster in that times. Later on he seen how server was dieing down to 5 online players and then growing up to 70 online players. That is before the Remastered version of server. Clyde hosted some of key events in the server, like Weekly PVP Event, Auction in Devias every 2 weeks and was sorting out Free VIP Event in forum. Aside from all that, he was always helping anyone who would need help of any kind, he would replace me on my days off, he would teach new GMs everything there is to know about the server and game, he would sort out reports, he literally was one-man-army. I am very sadden for his decision, but I also can completly understand it. It takes all your free time - being an Administrator in NoLimit is not everyones cup of tea. Thank you sir Clyde for your loyalty, ideas and your incredible durability during all this time. You are in soul of this server.
From sad, to more happy news. Some of you been around back in 1 September of 2021, when sir Gabyas was accepted in our Administration Team. His main task was to serve you Weekly Points Event, which is discontinued now. Right from the start, Gabyas took on much more responsibilities. He started answering EVERY QUESTION that was asked, he started sorting reports (together with sir Clyde and lady Yoanna). When Weekly Points Event was stopped, he was doing all sorts of other events for you guys EVERY DAY. He has been offline maybe 2 times since he started being a GameMaster here, due to health issues, but he has never taken a "day off" because he was simply "lazy" or "tired". On this note, sir Gabyas has been promoted to Administrator. Gabyas has been already introduced to basics of Administrator tools, he is already sorting your requests in Free VIP Event, he has done Weekly PVP Event and this week he will do Auction Event. I will be always here to support, help and explain things. Congratulations!
Also, our GameMaster Sigtryggr has been promoted to Full-GM. This means that he can now do all that is required to keep peace and balance in the world of NoLimit. Congratulations!
I also want to remind you that we still have 2 Filipino GM possitions open, as well as 1 more Spanish GM position. You can send your GM APPLICATIONS to [email protected] , please follow the information template provided in Official Forum. 
Have a great day ahead, see you online!

2023-02-28 22:39

New Quests, New GM, Giveaways

Hello people of NOLIMIT!
Today I have added 15 more Quests to our Quest system. Currently maximal Quest Level is 125. 
Quests will reward you with Gold and Cash. On new quests levels we do not have any level which is giving you any items. 
Obviously, Quest110 reward was EDRI Weapon for your class, so next reward will be a bit later on. 
I have also added Quest Level Ranking in website - now you can see and compare your Quest progress with other people. 

Few days ago our team got bigger! We have new GameMaster - Sigtryggr - he can assist you on English and Spanish languages. He has already shared some good ideas and has made first events. Looking forward for long and successful cooperation! Welcome to the team!
As everyone has noticed, I have started some crazy, crazy giveaways. We are giving away FULL SET OF CHOICE in our Discord channel to 3 people right now! 
So far these giveaways has lots and lots of participants, so I will make a monthly "default" thing in NoLimit Mu. This will be one more Free2Play option on "how to get TOP donate items". 
However, future giveaways will be available only to people with "Player" role in our Discord Channel. 
To request a "Player" role - send a screenshot with opened Character Stats ("C") and visible Character Name to any of our GameMasters in PM in Discord. I would recommend to request a role as soon as you join the Discord Channel, so you don't miss out on any future giveaways. Also, Player role permits you to chat in our discord chat channels, report players and use market channel. 
That is all for now - stay active, friendly and see you online!

2023-01-06 21:20

Merry XMas and more important stuff.

Hello people of NOLIMIT!
There are multiple things I need to talk about. 
First of all, Christmas and New Year is very close. Our team wish you all the best in New Year, merry Christmas and PEACE, LOVE and JOY in family and personal life. Remember, MU is a game, don't take it too personal. All best wishes for you guys! 
We also have Christmas discounts active until 27 December, more details are available in Discord. You can join our discord from right side in website (click on Connect button).
As many of you, probably all of you, noticed, our GM DLxANCIENT is missing. He simply disappeared from Discord, Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook. I hope that everything is okay and no emergency has happened. Hopefully, he just decided to rest from MU. Because of it, we need new Filipino GameMaster. As a GameMaster you have literally no benefits, but you have some restrictions, for example you can not join Castle Siege or other events, as well as you have lots of work - responding to player questions can be very tireing, not even talking about making events and solving every persons everyday problems. You need THICK skin to be a GM, that is not fun-to-do for everyone. I will be happy to see your applications in our gmail: [email protected] . Please, send it once, do not spam email with 15 versions of your application. I do not respond to applications and there is no "deadline". We are accepting applications always and if we notice someone outstanding, we get in touch. We are looking for Filipino GM and for Spanish GM. 
Next. 24 December is Auction in Devias Church, as every 2 weeks. This auction will be different, it will be hosted by me(NoLimitBM) and I will not accept player-sold items. Instead, I will only offer my(donate) items which usually are not available in Auction(For example, REDUCE PARTS or EDI Weapons), as well as VIP Status and other goodies. 
Weekly PVP Event is scheduled to be in 25th December, however that is Christmas and I asked your opinon(Vote) in Discord. Conclusion is that while some people would want to join PVP Event in 25th December, most people voted for option to PAUSE Weekly PVP for week of 25th December and resume Weekly PVP on 1 January 2023. 
Next. Admin Clyde is on vacation. This means, that you should not spam his PM with your everyday problems in Discord. You can PM me(NoLimitBM), Yoanna or Gabyas. We are online and we are trying to respond to each PM as soon as possible. If we forget about you - miss your PM or for whatever reason do not respond within 12 hours - remind about yourself. Do not spam 20 messages, that will simply cause us to block you. Questions like: "Are you online?" is not effective way to solve problems. If you have a problem, you should describe it in detail right away instead of waiting for GM to be next to discord and look at your typing animation. 
For now, this is all I need to share with you. Some other big news are coming soon, however lets not spoil the fun of waiting new news entry. 
Once again, enjoy this Christmas season and see you online! 

2022-12-20 18:37

Last updates information

Hello people of NOLIMIT!
As some has already noticed, we had some updates on server in last days.
Most "resonating" update was new command - /offpvp that is available for VIP players. Many people (specially those who doesn't apply for Free VIP, Vote Reward VIP, Weekly PVP VIP Prize or Donate for VIP) did not like the idea of VIP users being able to "secure" themselves from being killed on spot. Obviously, for some people, who are hunting others and circumventing the Mass PK rule, this update is really making life harder, however it was applied and people somehow survived this update. 
Another update was applied do GameServer_CS (Maps: Valley of Loren, Land of Trials, Crywolf, Barracks(VIP) and Refuge(VIP)). This update includes FORCE "/re auto" on VIP users in VIP maps - Refuge and Barracks. This was required to ensure that VIP users use the maximum capacity of VIP maps, because we all know how "big" is Barracks map and how "amazingly HUGE" is Refuge map... As you can understand, Barracks and Refuge maps also are made VIP-only maps with VIP spots available (Total 9 spots, if all spots have Full-Party leveling, then capacity of these maps is 45 VIP users). We have also applied update, which is checking if your VIP status is still active and teleports users to Lorencia Bar as soon as VIP status expire to ensure that people do not use VIP spots without actual VIP status. 
Yes, I do understand that this sounds like awful lot of benefits for VIP, however ANYONE can get VIP for free, so I really don't want to listen about how unfair it is or how Pay2Win it is. It's not. You can get VIP status for free pretty much unlimited times, as long as you follow the Event Rules and TOS. 
Talking about Terms of Service (a.k.a. TOS, Rules), there has been some updates. Section 1.17 has been added which explains how VIP command "/offpvp" should be used and explains how it should not be abused. Please make sure that you regulary check TOS for any changes. Excuses for violation of TOS like "I didn't know", "I didn't read", "No one reads them" will not save anyone from consequneces, as well as Donations does not make anyone immune to TOS. 
Free VIP (Resets and Grand Resets) - Forum Event
Weekly PVP Event (Free VIP for winners of each class) - Rules explained, Registration
Vote Reward (Free VIP for TOP 15 Voters WEEKLY) - Vote Reward System
Terms of Service - Terms of Service
Donation for VIP Status - Buy VIP
Anyone can join our Discord channel and share their ideas and thoughts about our updates, as well as take part in "making shape" of the server while new updates and ideas are being tested. 
Join our discord channel here: Discord

Have a great day and see you online! 

2022-11-08 10:27

Quest system!

Hello people of NOLIMIT!
We have further improved our Quest system. Until now, there was just 90 Quests available. 
Few days ago, new Quests was added to the system and for now final Quest count is 110. 
On Q110 you will be rewarded with Full EDRI Weapon(Class-specific, that means, if you finish Quest110 with SM, then weapon will be for SM).
Keep in mind, that ALL DONATE ITEMS from Quest system are Donate items and all Terms of Service apply on them same way as they do on any other Donate items. 
On the way to Quest 110 you will need to HUNT, GRIND, CRAFT and HUNT again! The way to 110 level is not easy, however REWARDS are worth it. In total Quest system will grant you with 3 Donate items, also Quest 100, as a nice round number, will reward you will 200+ Cash (each Cash can be exchanged for 5 Sign of Lord in website). Obviously, there is much more to it! It's not gonna be easy, but it will bring you joy and fun and real nice feeling of accomplishment. However, Quest system is not finished. It will be finished only when LAST of TOP Donate item will be added to it. And even then, we will keep working on improving our server with new features to make your gameplay unforgetable!
Quest system knowlage base (YES, you WILL need it) is available in our Official Forum: Knowlage-base
Forum topic regarding Quest system update is also in our Forum: Quest system - upgraded 1 October 2022!
Thank you all for trust in NoLimit Mu Online. New updates will be posted very soon! 

2022-10-04 00:17

Philippines connection issues.

Hello people of NOLIMIT!
Sadly, seems like this issue will not go away. 
Lately we are facing issues with Philippines connections - at random times of the day - all Philippines connections (except mobile networks) go down (they can't reach our server). At start it was only PLDT ISP issue, but lately seems like more and more users from PH are affected, not only PLDT users. Considering the fact, that large amount of our players (and supporters too) are from Philippines, I have decided to change servers host location. Currently we are located in France (Gravelines) datacenter. 
Migration to new hosting will happen sometime next month at the start/middle part of the month. There will be a notice 2 days prior both in game, website, discord and social media accounts. 
I will explore options from same hosting provider - OVH - just in different datacenter, different country. 
For now, if you are a player from Philippines, feel free to use GPN or VPN service. However, VIP Event rules are not canceled - you are not allowed to use VPN/GPN service with account which is participating in Free VIP event in Forum (this one). I do not have any recommendations on this topic, since I have not used VPN for games. We will let you know as soon as we will have more information on WHEN the migration to new hosting will happen. 
Thank you all for your patience, support and overall for trusting in NoLimit MuOnline. We work to provide you with best possible game expierience. 
Have a great day, NoLimitBM, nolimit.lv

2022-09-28 00:43




Starting from this moment we are officially in celebration!
Giveaway on our Discord channel has started! Prize: BEST SET of Choice, Winner count: 3!!! Giveaway will last 24 hours! Giveaway has finished. 
From this moment all GM Event Prizes are double! Double prizes are finished, but they still amazing!!
All-day-long H&S Event from NoLimitBM will start as scheluded at 12:00 Server Time and will last until 18:00 or 19:00(it will be announced in game). Finished
We also have FORUM EVENT in which everyone can participate to win nice prizes! Finished

Thank you all for your support, votes, invites, donations and overall everything! Good days or bad days - every day was in between Day 1 & Day 365 and every day counts! We will continue to work to provide best support and interesting gameplay. We want to see 600+ online on our next anniversary! 


2022-04-03 00:01